Last updated: Jun 11, 2008


Program of the ERASMUS school
sorted by # Name Lectures
L1 Hofsass Hans Ion-solid interactions
L2 Pavlovic Marius Fundamentals of ion-beam physics
L3 Hofsass Hans Advanced ion beam treatment of surfaces
L4 Prieto Jose Emilio Determination of structures with ion beams, including surface structures
L5 Raisanen Jyrki PIXE and NRA
L6 Moncoffre Nathalie RBS and ERDA
L7 Vianden Reiner Perturbed angular correlation studies in semiconductor and nanoparticles
L8 Nagy Denes Lajos Hyperfine interactions
L9 Temst Kristiaan Preparation and characterization of nanostructures
L10 Temst Kristiaan Neutron scattering
L11 Haranczyk Hubert NMR
L12 Miglierini Marcel Mossbauer spectrometry
L13 Nagy Denes Lajos Nuclear resonance scattering of synchrotron radiation
L14 Vantomme Andre Introduction to RBS channelling
L15 Wappling Roger Elementary particles in condensed matter research
L16 Marszalek Marta X-ray techniques for studies of thin films and surfaces
L17 Esteves de Araujo Joao Pedro Spintronics
L18 Marszalek Marta STM, AFM, and TEM
    Student presentations - oral
S1 Wegener Katharina Ion implanted GaAs nanowire pn junctions
S2 Tolnai Domonkos 3D characterization of AlMgSi alloys
S3 Goncalves Joao Nuno Santos First-principles calculations of hyperfine parameters in manganites
S4 Pereira Lino Miguel Costa Ion beam nano-engineering of diluted magnetic semicondutors
S5 Mendonca Tania Hyperfine studies on highly distorted rare earth manganites
S6 Sousa Celia Ordered assembly of nanowires and nanotubes in porous alumina membranes
S7 Silveyra Josefina Maria Evolution of Finemet-like Fe73.5Si13.5Cu1B9Nb3-xMox alloys: From x=0 towards x=3
S8 Michalik Stefan Structural investigation of Zr60Cu20Fe20 by in-situ XRD
S9 Caballero Olga Waveguides fabricated by heavy ion irradiation and their characterization
    Student presentations - poster
P1 Laitinen Mikko Pb diffusion in glass studied for low and high fluence implantations
P2 Laitinen Mikko Pelletron laboratory construction and updates in Jyvaskyla
P3 Laitinen Mikko Material modification using single energy heavy ions
P4 Paivio Suvi Fesibility study of radiometric methods for the detection of impurities in biofuels
P5 Vaudey Claire-Emilie Thermal behavior of chlorine in nuclear graphite
P6 Harth Etelka Domain ripening - A cellular automation approach
P7 Szakacs Gabor Determination of migration of ion-implanted helium in silica by proton-backscattering spectrometry
P8 Szanda Istvan Improving LED efficiency with nanostructured surface
P9 Veres Tamas Investigation of the effect of oil contamination on the reflectivity of neutron supermirrors
P10 Czak Jakub Deep dehydratation of DNA observed by proton NMR and sorption isotherm
P11 Klita Lukasz and Seremak-Peczkis Paulina XAFS study of BaCe1-xTixO3 protonic solid electrolytes
P12 Swietek Agnieszka NMR relaxation in solutions of hydrogen peroxide and paramagnetic ions
P13 Pikula Tomasz Hyperfine interactions in mechanically synthesized Co-Fe-Ni alloys
P14 Kolesar Vladimir Structure and magnetic properties of Fe-Cu-Nb-V-Si-B alloy
P15 Redondo-Cubero Andres Elastic recoil detection of aluminium in AlGaN/GaN heterostructures